Flowing Tales October Camps

Flowing Tales October Camps

Flowing Tales October Creative Writing Camps

Flowing Tales camps are taking place in the following schools in October
Newcastle High School for Girls, Pownall Hall School and Teesside High School.



It’s amazing how children can quickly gain in confidence when they do something they enjoy.
Imagine the sense of achievement that they will experience, holding a book which contains their name on a story they have contributed to. Flowing Tales is a really engaging way for the children to develop and write a three chapter story.

They create a character, location and plot lines and collaborate over 12 consecutive days, writing with children of their own age and school. Each child receives daily feedback from Independent School teachers who leave comments, corrections and inspiration for your child. After their third chapter draft, the children read five chapters selected by the camp leader and vote to determine the starting point for the next chapter. This provides a creative challenge, and they engage online in a critical appreciation of each other’s work developing key social skills as they support each other in creating the story.

The camp leader will encourage your child to improve their written English but… Shhh… don’t tell them they’re learning – they’ll be too busy having fun!