Genre? What’s that?

Genre? What’s that?

Understanding Genres.

The ‘Genre’ of a book basically means the type of book that it is. There are a lot of different book genres – from ‘Action & Adventure’ to ‘Crime & Mystery’ to ‘Science Fiction’. Below are some of the main book genres used within Flowing Tales with a brief explanation to help you write your story.


Science fiction

Science fiction stories are about futuristic worlds full of robots or aliens or both! This genre can include a lot of exciting and imaginative story lines from time-travel to epic space battles!



Action & Adventure

An adventure story is about a character or characters who make a journey to accomplish something, often to far away places. There are many types of adventure story often involving a mission where the characters face danger before they make it to their destination, overcome their enemy and save the world. The hero or heroines could be super heroes, secret agents or wizards. Books like Superman, James Bond or Harry Potter.



Crime & Mystery

This genre is usually based around an unsolved crime or murder. This type of story is often told from the point of view of the detective where they are trying to solve a mystery (Scooby Doo books for example). These stories tend to have a lot of ‘suspense’ and can involve lots of characters or ‘suspects’.




Fantasy is probably the most imaginative of all book genres. These stories can be about magic, supernatural forces and monsters including goblins, dragons, witches and wizards, fairies and other mythical creatures. Fantasy stories usually have a strong hero or heroine to save the day.



This is a type of story that is true to life and could really happen. The characters aren’t real and the story is untrue but the events and adventures should be based on real life. Many of Michael Morpurgo’s books such as Kensuke’s Kingdom and Warhorse fall into this genre.