Kids Become Authors During Holidays

Kids Become Authors During Holidays

Flowing Tales is an online creative writing camp that allows children the opportunity to practice and develop their writing skills over 10 days, during holiday periods. They receive daily feedback and assistance from fully trained staff and authors. When giving professional guidance, our camp leaders assess the work that the children have produced using our national curriculum style assessment grids. These also enable us to provide feedback on the progress their child has made and track pupil progression.

The main learning objective is for the children to contribute individual chapters, characters and locations towards a book of short stories which will be published as a printed book for the child and their parents to enjoy at the end of the camp – with additional copies being given to the school library.

Flowing Tales is an online writing camp which means that children can participate from anywhere in the world and from any device – from a desktop or laptop computer to a tablet. All that is required is that they have an internet connection. Children within individual schools will also have the opportunity to read each other’s writing and to vote on which work will become the ‘official’ camp book chapters and to create characters and locations for future chapters. This gives the writing a fun and competitive element and affords the opportunity for peer support and review.

Why participate?

Although it’s important that children get the opportunity to have some ‘downtime’ during the holiday periods, academic research has consistently shown that children’s learning often regresses during the holidays, and particularly with written English. Flowing Tales online creative writing camps specifically aim to address this problem and to help schools achieve their targets for written English in Common Entrance, SATs, 11+ and other standardised tests that are carried out at the end of the school year. Our trial results demonstrated that on average for each completed course, progression of 0.4 of a sub-level in written English was achieved which equates to 3.5 months development in creative writing. Flowing Tales works because children are motivated to write creatively and to peer review, whilst our professional mentors as camp leaders, skilfully encourage and challenge the children to produce written work of the very highest quality.

How does it work?

The camp is paid for by parents and costs £60 per child, per 10 day course. Prior to the writing camp commencing, a Flowing Tales representative would conduct a whole school assembly to explain the writing camp and to enthuse the children. We would also run an after school session to explain the programme to interested parents in order to boost the take up of families. Children then take home the letters and flyers and would sign up and pay for the course through our secure website.

On completion of the camp, the printed books will be delivered to parents along with certificates and badges to celebrate the completion of the course.

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