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This term your child could become
a published author… imagine that.


A Flowing Tales after school club is a guided and productive creative writing activity where children don’t realise they are learning. It’s easy to make real progress when you are having fun. Even better, children who have experienced Flowing Tales become more confident and enthusiastic about writing.

If your child attends one of the following schools and you are interested then book your place below.


What happens in a Flowing Tales After School Club?

In partnership with their schools, we offer 10 week creative writing clubs where children are engaged in creating a collaborative three chapter story. This takes place online in school, and a qualified teacher, the club leader, will assist them with feedback and encouragement which they access online. The club leader also provides guidance on technical skills such as grammar, spelling and punctuation. As well as their time in the club at school, children can access the club online for an extra two days each week to continue writing and editing their story or read other campers’ work.

It all takes place in an attractive, safe and secure online learning environment where all online contact with other campers is moderated.



The children begin by writing a short character and location “sketch” of 50 words each to ease them into the camp. They then work on their first 500 word chapter over two weeks with feedback provided each week by their club leader.

The 500 word limit on each chapter means that younger children may spend two days reaching 500 words and older children will be editing to stay within the limit. On the fourth week they read, rate and review 5 chapters chosen by their club leader, the highest rated chapter becomes part of their book – the starting point for the next chapter.

As well as this competitive element of the writing camp, there are also many collaboration opportunities: the children can read each others’ characters, locations and previous chapters and they review, what they liked, what has happened and what could happen next.

This happens three times, on weeks 4, 7 and 10, to provide three chapters over 10 weeks. You will see instructions on the “Camp” screen which will explain what is happening now, what should be done, and what will be happening next.

10 Weeks of Fun Creative Writing Activities.

Write, read, rate, review and get feedback from your friends and club leaders.





The children also take part in other fun writing related activities to stretch their imagination and exercises like ‘storyboarding’ and ‘plotting’ designed to assist them in the creation of the book.






What happens when the camp ends?

At the end of the Camp, we create an individually designed e-book and compile progression and target feedback for each child. This feedback is printed on the back of their certificate and celebrates their success. The certificates and badge will be produced and sent to your school, within 28 days of the end of their camp.


How do I access an after school club?

We run after school clubs three times a year in selected schools, beginning at the start of each new term.
If you are interested in your school hosting a club then please get in touch.



Flowing Tales Authors


“ My friends and I had a great time writing our Flowing Tales book, it was called ‘Freya & James’ Daring Escape’. We all got a digital copy and a real printed book with a cover design with badges and a certificate – it was really good! ”

Published Author, Year 3 Trials, Pownall Hall School.

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