Do something extraordinary… become a published author.

Are you ready to take your place alongside Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling, Jill Murphy, Michael Morpurgo, and other great writers as a published author?

Explore exciting new worlds and share in the adventures of characters that you and your friends have created! Become an author of a real book with an illustrated cover! Writing a real book with your friends is great fun.

You start by voting for a genre and title for your camp’s book, then imagine a character and describe a location to be featured in the story. Then it’s time to start writing the first chapter of the book. You are helped every step of the way by your club leader and by your fellow authors who are also writing their version of the first chapter.

When your first chapter is written and submitted everyone gets the chance to rate and review the chapters to determine what should be published in the final book. Then everyone works together to contribute ideas for what might come next. The character and location you created at the start could become essential parts of the storyline. At the end of the third chapter, the book is complete and full of creativity from the whole group.

Over 100 years of academic research has proven that children’s skills and understanding ‘regress’ during long holidays. Flowing Tales reverses this trend in writing by providing engaging activities, regular, personal feedback and a development pathway that allows children to become ‘published authors’ by the end of the 10 day camp.

If you like writing stories and using your imagination, then a Flowing Tales online creative writing camp is the place for you!

10 Days of Fun Creative Writing Activities.

Write, read, rate, review and get feedback from your friends and club leaders.





Imagine… your own book

The final story will be made into a digital e-book for you to download and keep as well as being featured in a real paperback book that you can buy after the camp. You may also find it in your school library!


Your camp’s story will have it’s own illustrated book cover which could feature one of the characters that you created!

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How do I get on a holiday camp?

We’re running online holiday camps during the Summer holidays, if you are interested please contact and we’ll let you know when they are happening.

The cost per child is £60 for the camp.




The camps are online so it doesn’t matter where you are.

Write, read, rate and review using your home computer or your tablet. All you need is an internet connection and your imagination.





Flowing Tales Authors


“Our story turned out to be really brilliant, it was called ‘The Maze of Secrets. My character was a fox from space and he ended up being drawn on the front cover of the book!”

Published Author, Year 4,  Pownall Hall School.

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