Creative Writing Tips

Creative Writing Tips

Beginning to write the first chapter of a book can be quite scary even for the most practiced writers. So we have came up with a few ways of helping you get started.

Ask Yourself Questions.

It’s important to ask yourself questions when you write to help you decide where your story will take your characters.

• What do I think of when I read the title of the story?

• Who is the main character?

• What is the characters name and what do they look like?

• How does your character act – what is their personality?

• Who are the other characters in the story and how do they get on with the main character?

• What kind of world do these characters live in? Is it a world like ours or a fantasy world?


First Sentences.

The first lines you write for your story are important. You should try and make the reader interested enough to want to read on. We’ve come up with a few helpful tips on the ways you can try and get your readers attention.

1. A Mysterious Beginning…

Jake didn’t have a clue where he was…


2. Describe The World…

The tunnel they had found was very large, very dark and smelled terrible…


3. Create Excitement…

Freya could hear her own heart beating faster and faster. Could this really be happening?


4. Start Talking…

“I can’t wait for tomorrow!”, shouted Tom excitedly.


Look Around.

If you are finding it difficult to imagine what the characters in your story and the world they live in are like, there is no better inspiration than the world around you. If you find yourself stuck, take a break from sitting at your computer and have a walk around, go into the garden or even just look out of the window – you never know where your next idea will come from.