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Children, teachers, parents and more on Flowing Tales

It’s great for us to hear how Flowing Tales has made an impact or just helped to make writing fun.

Isobel, author

I feel as if my imagination has grown! Since the first day ideas have been popping into my head and this has inspired me to write and write!

Isobel year 3




Phillip, author

As my handwriting isn’t the neatest I thought at the start I wouldn’t ever win but soon learnt that it wouldn’t matter! Strangely my handwriting has improved too!

Phillip, year 6


Jasper, author

I didn’t really use paragraphs before. Now I know when to use them and use them all the time!

Jasper, year 4


Albert, author

I improved my creative skills. It’s made me want to write more!

Albert, year 3

Freya, author

I really enjoyed reading the notes from the Camp Leader. I think my spelling has improved too.

Freya, year 3

Heather, parent

My Daughter (8) loved doing this, she enjoyed the interaction with the other children in the group, the sharing of ideas and the encouragement she received to be as creative as she could be, to take this story in whatever direction she thought it should go in. Thank you Flowing Tales!

Heather, County Durham



Charlie, parent

Wow!!!! My 8 year old has just started flowing tales as a lunch time club at school. It has been hugely inspiring for her, helping her to generate creative ideas, characters and improve her writing. But the best bit is that it is SO much fun!!

She loves using the computer and the software is fantastic!!! It has definitely given her a love of writing back and the feedback has encouraged her so much. Would massively recommend!!!

Charlie, Leeds

Morag, parent

My 9 year old found Flowing Tales to be a challenging, yet engaging club. She especially enjoyed the collaborative working aspect as it developed her confidence to assess and review her own and other’s work. She enjoyed the personal feedback, the novelty factor (as it didn’t feel like learning) and it helped her learn new keyboard and computer skills.

Morag, Belfast

Dominic, Deputy Head Teacher

The children at West Jesmond Primary School have loved the club and there has often been a waiting list. Flowing Tales analysis of pupil work is very thorough and pupils take real pride in their finished work. Boys, in particular love the draw of delivery via ICT and this was certainly noticed when we were inspected by Ofsted and the ICT was full at lunch time with boys writing away at their computers!
It’s a great tool and team to work with. I’d strongly recommend them.

Dominic Martin – Deputy Head Teacher, West Jesmond Primary School

Dave, parent

My son (8) really enjoys his Flowing Tales Club. He was practicing his writing before he even started the club he was so excited. His teacher says his writing has really improved. This is his second one now and he wants to write all the time! His teacher says he has changed his behaviour in class too.

Dave, Newcastle upon Tyne


Jude, parent

This club has made my son (10) change his behaviour! I have never seen him read so much since having done it – he is devouring books! I loved reading his work – it was like having a window into his imagination – brilliant! He enjoyed receiving feedback from the club leader and especially enjoyed the collaborative aspect of it.

He would definitely do it again. In fact I know loads of children have been really excited about the club, asking when they can do it too. It was obvious he was having fun without even being aware that he was learning.

Jude, Lincoln

Emma, Assistant Head & Head of Literacy

Hosting a Flowing Tales intervention is a real pleasure and it is inspiring to witness first hand the enthusiasm that is generated by the children through using the beautifully designed and collegiate writing environment that has been created. They loved the fact that it was completed online and particularly enjoyed the outstanding feedback from the club leader about what they had written and how to improve it.

They took on board suggestions, which in turn significantly helped to ‘up-level’ their work. I was extremely impressed with the standard of writing the children were inspired to produce and they were very, very proud of the finished product. Flowing Tales is now an integral part of our school calendar.

Emma Cox, Assistant Head and Head of Literacy, The Grammar School at Leeds

Lee, parent

Flowing Tales was a challenging and rewarding experience for Dylan that got him thinking differently about his reading and writing. We really liked how he had to think through his story, mixing the character, setting and plot in each chapter, then comparing how the other campers wrote the same chapter. The format kept him interested over the length of the camp with different tasks and skills needed such as reviewing the work of others and identifying what he liked in their chapters so he could vote for his favorite.

When we asked Dylan what his favorite bit was he said, “Getting my chapter voted for.” Reward for his hard work, thank you Flowing Tales!

Lee, Cheshire